2020 wind down

So here we are almost at the end of what has been an unforgettable year!  Or would you rather it was forgettable?

I have mixed feelings about 2020.  It started off, for me, with a lot of promise and potential.  When COVID hit I struggled at first.  Not so much with the idea of a global pandemic, but rather the spinoff consequences; the home schooling (dear God!), stressful grocery shopping (will I find toilet paper and pasta?), wondering if my income would be affected and seeing my partner and kids 24/7 (I do love my personal space).  But then the strangest thing happened, I found myself enjoying lockdown.  Well not the idea of being in a lockdown, but the enforced quieter pace of life.

I’m a social introvert a lot of the time but I do suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out).  Knowing that everyone was at home suited me great.  With a lot less distractions I was able to really commit to a meditation and exercise practice.  I also got out into nature regularly for walks.  My nervous system let out what must have been a huge sigh of relief and I found myself so much calmer than ever before.

In retrospect, this was probably one of the biggest healing periods of my life.  This quiet time, together with sessions with my mentor, had the profoundest effect on my wellbeing.  Which just goes to show you that feeling better doesn’t always require thousands of dollars of sessions, supplements and workshops.  Just regular and consistent support with the right person and giving yourself permission to slow down so your body can catch a breath and self heal.

I wish you the very best of mental and emotional health for 2021.  I hope you get to have a relaxing and peaceful break and the opportunity to wind down.