About Me

Holistic counselling | Coaching | Energy healing

I am a holistic counsellor who combines counselling, coaching, intuitive skills and flower essences to support people who are ready to work through their issues.

Many years ago, I decided I wanted to work in a field where I was making a difference.  Sounds so cliche right?  It’s the truth though.

Over the years I’ve relied on the help and support of many wonderful therapists, and they each played a critical role in helping me hurt less, be more confident, and survive the most stressful times in my life.  Most of this help and support was their willingness and ability to listen to me, without bias or judgement.  I was able to  pour my heart and soul out to someone in a way which felt really safe.  Knowing how special they each were, well, I wanted to be able to do that for people too.

My approach

I have a unique approach which has a strong counselling flavour blended with energetic healing techniques.  

I like to support people who feel misunderstood and alone (and for the record you can still be surrounded by people and feel alone).

I don’t pretend to do or be something I’m not.  I’m here to listen and support you.   I like to help people see their situation differently so they can move on or get on with life.

I’ve been helping people improve their emotional and mental health and wellbeing for over 10 years.

Here's what I think about healing

Can I be really honest with you?  Emotional and mental healing takes time.   I know you probably don’t want to hear that.  No one wants their pain and suffering to drag on longer than it needs to.  But, radical and fast-paced change can be destabilising.  And since your health and wellbeing is the number one priority for me, I work at a steady and consistent pace to help you get the support and help you deserve.

I believe we are always growing and evolving.  There is no “there” in our healing journey and we are never “done”. However, with the right support and tools, the journey can certainly be a lot easier! This is why I have my own mentor and see other therapists.

P.S.  That’s Soda with me on the couch.  She an Amstaff cross and she has a complex personality.  I think she is the unofficial mascot of ‘Therapy for Change’, because she is super confident and happy at home, but very anxious and agitated when out and about.  She’s experienced some trauma in her earlier years (before we got her) and as a result she puts on a fierce exterior to cover up for the fact she is feeling anxious on the inside.  She’s improving over time

  • International Diploma of Kinesiology (PKP)
  • Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Mindfulness for Wellness and Peak Performance (Short course)

Additional training:

  • Mineral therapy,  Emotional Intelligence,  
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences: Level 1, ABFE & Numerology

Member of: 

  • Australian Institute of Kinesiology (Registered Professional),
  • National Herbalists Association of Australia (Professional)