Alcohol free, who me?

I love drinking wine.  I love all types – white, red, rose.  There’s nothing nicer than unwinding at the end of a busy day with a glass of my favourite vino, or two.


Does this revelation come as a shock?  Surely, a wellness practitioner doesn’t drink alcohol?  But yes, yes I do.  Well, I did, very regularly, until a few months ago.

Flashback 6 to 18 months ago where I went through one of the most stressful times of my life.  Work was crazy busy, and I was looking for a new home to buy.  New home was found, then our existing house went up for sale (try keeping a house looking ‘showroom’ clean and tidy with two kids under 7!).  Then came the move.  Then came serious issues around my work.  And then, and then…you get the picture.  It was full on.  Wine was my treat at the end of the day, but really, I was relying on it to help me relax and cope.

My moods were all over the place, I was tired, the weight was creeping on and I wasn’t feeling my best.  I was still having regular kinesiology sessions but at the time I was addressing some other things that I thought were a priority.  So a few months ago I knew I couldn’t keep going this way.  I booked in to see the wonderful Jennifer Webster who is a far more experienced version of me (a herbalist and kinesiologist).  She confirmed what I had suspected, my thyroid was in trouble.  She also did a number of other tests and found my body has difficulty digesting sugar and yeast and so therefore, of all the things I could be drinking, wine was the worst choice.

I left that appointment with a number of lifestyle changes to make.  And I did make them, except one, stopping the wine.  “I’ll just drink less days a week” I said.  “I’ll just make wine spritzers to minimize the wine intake” I thought.  But I knew.  I knew that this wasn’t good enough.  And one day, I decided I would stop having wine at home, and I would only have it when out for dinner or social occasions (which isn’t too often!).

Back to present time, 3 months down the track, and I am no longer drinking wine at home regularly.  I have lost weight, have more energy and happier moods.

So why tell you all this?  I see a lot of clients who are like the old me, relying on some form of alcohol to help them relax and unwind at the end of the day.  I’m not a purist and would never suggest everyone should stop drinking.  We’re all adults and, in moderation, it’s a nice thing to have.  But I am asking you to consider if your drinking habits are a band aid solution to your stress and anxiety.  If they are, then I urge you to seek support in helping you better manage your stress and anxiety so that it doesn’t manifest itself into bigger health complaints like it surely did for me.  Thankfully, I had practitioners to help and support me through the changes.  I am here, to help and support you, should you need it.