Anxiety, the monster that lurks within

A lot of people suffer from anxiety and it is one of the more common reasons why people will go see a kinesiologist.

Kinesiology is very good at helping people manage the symptoms of anxiety as well as addressing the causes.

In my clinic, I tend to see clients who have been suffering with anxiety for a long time and often they have kept it secret from friends and colleagues.  They come across as being confident and happy with life, but they are actually doing it quite tough mentally and emotionally.

Common symptoms are worrying about things that haven’t happened, feelings of dread, waking early in the morning with a racing heartbeat and unable to get back to sleep, or general sleep problems.  Anxiety can also show up as not being able to relax, obsessively thinking about a situation (and catastrophising the outcome), finger nail biting, feeling on edge, irritable, chronic muscle tension.  A common one I get in clinic is people who feel terrified about meeting new people or going to social events where they won’t know anyone – they usually do whatever it takes to avoid going!


I try not to worry about the future – so I take each day just one anxiety attack at a time.Tom Wilson

In my practice, I like to help clients find solutions they can easily implement which help them cope with the situations that cause their anxiety.  Once we have that in place, the next step is to go deeper and look at why they are feeling this way.  It usually takes around three or so sessions, spaced relatively close together, to help get some good, lasting results.

There are many herbs which are excellent in supporting anxious personalities, and combining kinesiology with herbal medicine is a powerful combination.  Some of my favourite herbs for anxiety are Lemon Balm (for people with disordered energy, who lose focus when overstimulated), Milky Oat Seed (with a great nickname ‘Meditation in a bottle’), Passionflower (for introverts, those who are really critical of themselves) and Skullcap (for the worriers, highly sensitive people).

I’ve seen kinesiology help my clients get great results; from the lady who was undergoing stress and anxiety over a marriage breakup feel confident and secure with her decisions, to someone highly anxious around an upcoming exam overcome feelings of extreme panic to pass the exam.  Or the young girl feeling worried about her long distance relationship who went from obsessing about her partner and his intentions, to being philosophical and more accepting of the situation.   All these situations were very different but in each case kinesiology helped them cope with their scenarios more calmly and confidently.