Are your supplements working for you?

A lot of people are choosing to improve their nutritional intake with supplements, and for the most part I think this is great.

However, the average person doesn’t know if one brand of supplements is better than another, and so price at time of purchase is often the deciding factor.

As fantastic are supplements are, the reality is that there are some bad ones for sale.  Cheap, retail available supplements, often created using unknown fillers may be more detrimental, rather than beneficial, to your health.

Self prescribing supplements is a tricky issue because some products are a mix of ingredients, and without proper training, you don’t really know what it is you are taking and what effects it will have on your body.  A catchy product label is often all you can use to decipher what the product is for and if you are on prescription medication then I am willing to bet you will not know if that supplement is contraindicated with your medication.

Kinesiology actually gives me, and my clients, an unfair advantage because it builds on my training and knowledge of products.   I use muscle testing to check if a supplement is right for you.  Once I have muscle tested to ensure you actually need to take a particular supplement, I then test up to find out exactly what YOUR body needs, that is, how often you need to take it and at what time of day.  Most products have a generic guide on the label which says something like  “one tablet twice a day”.  But we are not all the same!  You may need to take three tablets, and as two in the morning and one at night. Someone else may only need two tablets in the afternoon.  I muscle test my clients to make sure they get the most out of their supplements.  Also, I have access to better quality ‘Practitioner Only’ products which can’t be bought in store.  Can you see how amazing this is?  Kinesiology personalises supplementation for you because your body knows what it needs.

The good news for Kinesiology Affect clients is that I am happy to test any existing supplements you are taking as part of your session.  And if I believe I need to recommend certain herbs or supplements for you, I will always check, via muscle testing, to ensure your body agrees.