Body Cluedo – have you been following the clues?

How often do you hear or recognise your body’s clues for health and wellbeing?  I suspect not as often as you might like.

I recently learnt that my body, and my instincts, had been pretty much SHOUTING clues at me and yet I remained clueless for a time.  This is the story of a health detective who nearly missed all the clues.

For the last few years I’ve been going into and out of perimenopause.  But as with so many women, I wasn’t ready to admit to myself I was embarking on this phase of life.  Symptoms would come and go, so it was easy to ignore since it wasn’t a permanent thing.  Around the same time I had many synchronistic learnings and information come my way– a health practitioner confirming my body was showing years and years of adrenal fatigue. A book recommendation (Rushing Women’s Syndrome) which gave me so many light bulb moments that it led me to actively embrace a more stress free lifestyle, start practicing qigong, and more meditation.  This book got me intrigued about breathing techniques and the manner in which they encourage the parasympathic nervous system to switch on and the sympathetic nervous system (‘flight/flight’) to switch off. 

I was being drawn to do things like rubbing fennel essential oil on my feet, cravings for food such as miso soup, pomegranates, chickpeas, soya crisp snacks and sprouted beans.  I had these inner nudges to buy flaxseed oil.  I shrugged some of this off, a few I did.   There were many other things, but you get the idea. 

There was also references to liver health so I embraced a few ‘alcohol’ free months to be support this important body organ.

Then lately I began to notice the perimenopausal symptoms begin to intensify.  I began to pull out all my text books on the subject and jumped on Google, and what do you know, all those foods I had been feeling an urge for, were foods that were phytoestrogenic and good for women with declining estrogen levels.  That urge to tone my adrenals, reduce stress, clean up my liver, correlated with references to the importance of managing stress and supporting the liver in perimenopausal women. 

And then it all clicked, my body had been giving me message after message to eat certain foods and follow certain lifestyle choices to help me transition more gracefully into menopause.  How amazing!  My innate intelligence had been talking to me loud and clear and had given me the information I needed.  *Insert forehead slap*  Time to stop cherry picking through the information and fit the pieces of the puzzle, and follow all the body clues.

Funnily enough, I often see this in my clients.  Often when I muscle test them at the end of a session to find out what they need to do to help process the energetic work we’ve done, I will test something up and they say “Oh I was actually thinking about doing that / eating that type of food etc”  And I’m especially intrigued how post kinesiology sessions clients are so surprised, scared even, by the messages their bodies give them “I’m so tired – is this normal?”.  Yes,  your body needs rest, listen to your body.  “I’ve been so emotional, crying a lot”.  Good, you need to stop storing that sadness and grief inside you, let it out.

I think we have become so disconnected from ourselves that we no longer trust our feelings, or listen to the information we receive instinctively.  As a society we are all so stressed and wound up, we ‘live’ in our heads, worry about the future or ruminate on the past.  If we are not mindful and present, at least some of the time, we miss out on hearing our body tell us what we need.   We need radio silence, not Heavy Metal FM (future worry) and Retro Classic FM (re-running the past) competing for our attention.

As someone who prides herself on strong instincts, I was  surprised by how easily I nearly disregarded my body’s messages and clues.  So the next time you get a random thought about something you need to eat or do, I encourage you to take note (well, only if it is a healthy suggestion ok!).  If you really feel you can’t trust what is coming up for you, come in for a kinesiology session!  Through muscle testing, we can bypass your conscious mind, start a conversation with your body intelligence and let it tell us what it is trying to get across to you.