Braving a food change

After being told last year that I was sensitive to grains (I’m already gluten free) I decided to search for a nut and seed bread I could make.  I confess I wasn’t optimistic that I would be willing to commit to this change.



This might not seem like a big deal, but for me, any recommended dietary changes can be a delicate issue.  I love food but I’m impatient and not interested in spending hours prepping, sprouting, kneading, etc.  Because of this  I’m very conscious of when dietary changes are tested up for clients.  Food, in itself, is so emotive.  We all see food in our own way and it depends on our upbringing, genetics, life experiences, finances and of course, our emotional connection to food.  Asking someone to stop eating a particular food and/or implementing a new dietary habit can be stressful.  Baby steps are needed.



As much as I would like to perceive myself as a dedicated super healthy food guru, it’s just not the case. There are days I make bad food choices. It requires a lot of willpower.



But I’m glad to say that I did look into a bread alternative and kept trying it out till I made something I would eat daily.



I finally worked out a recipe  I really like.   Me and a seed and nut bread…who’d a thought.



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