Everyday use of kinesiology

“Olivia, please check that piece of fruit to make sure it’s a good one”.  My eight year old, solemnly stands still and does a self muscle check to make sure we are not selecting a poor quality piece of fruit.  I’ve recently taught her how to muscle test for herself, using the whole body or ‘sway’ technique, and she loves it.  On the downside grocery shopping is taking longer because she wants to test everything!



Many people don’t realise that you can muscle test yourself and use this skill to help you in your everyday life.

Outside of my clinic and working with clients, I use muscle testing for a number of non “kinesiology balance” reasons such as;

  • selecting the ripest fruit and vegetables,
  • for choosing the best grocery brand (if I’m confused by the product’s marketing and/or nutrition guide),
  • to choose the best body care products (least reactive),
  • determine the percentage of gluten within a product,
  • to choose which toxic product, e.g. insecticides, will cause the least amount of harm to us, or
  • to ensure I’m taking the right dosage of supplements and at the right time of day.

Although it is not a tool for divination,  I have used it sometimes to help me make a decision or choice if I was really stuck on the options.  I believe by muscle testing I can check in with my higher, unconscious mind, and bypass the fear, prejudice and judgement of my conscious mind, and learn which is the best choice, for my highest good.  At the end of the day, I’m not testing for a future prediction, I’m just testing my energy, or my second brain, to see past the ego, fears and sabotages possibly in place.

I have also predicted, with 100% accuracy, the sex of the baby in pregnant mums, with their permission of course!  I use the word ‘predicted’ but really, I’m just getting a reading of the baby which is already growing in uteru.

Muscle testing is an extraordinary life and business skill which I highly value.  It is a technique that can be learnt by anyone.

Would you like to know how to self muscle test?

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