Flower Essences

About Australian Bush Flower Essences

Bush Flower Essences work on the mind, body and spirit and help to create emotional health and wellbeing. 

The essences are a vibrational healing solution.  Everything in our universe has a unique vibrational rate, including ourselves.  By extracting the healing vibrational quality from the most evolved part of the plant – the flowers -we can access a gentle, yet powerful healing source.

The essences work primarily on an emotional level, dissolving negative feelings and belief patterns held in the subconscious mind.  The Bush Flower Essences also help to draw out the positive qualities that live deep inside all of us.  So, for example, they can help to replace lack of self worth with acceptance, irritability with calm. 

We have a physical body with six subtle bodies around it; emotional, mental, astral, etheric, inner and outer causal body.  When we take a Bush Flower Essence (usually under the tongue) it travels into the digestive system, then into the bloodstream, then the nervous system.  The essence moves directly to the meridians, which connect our subtle and physical bodies. From the meridians the essence is amplified out to the chakras and various subtle bodies and then back again to the physical body. The energy of our emotions, stored in our subtle bodies, can then be dissolved.  The essence reaches the imbalanced parts of the body quickly and cleanly.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are made from native Australian flowers and plants.   They are made by soaking the flowering part of a plant in water, placed in the sun for a certain length of time.  The water then takes on the healing vibration of the flower.  The water is then combined with a small amount of brandy to preserve it.

These essences are very powerful and when taken in conjunction with therapy session.  They work as gentle catalysts to help clients work through their emotional pain more quickly.

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