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It’s been a while since my last email. I’ve struggled to find the motivation to write. I’m based in Sydney, Australia and we are in the midst of a long, strict ‘lockdown’. I’m coming up to my 10th week of restrictions and I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t taken an emotional toll on me at times.This isn’t the first lockdown I’ve been through. Last year’s lockdown was my first but to be honest I found it kind of nice! I know that might sound strange but I actually embraced the quieter pace of life and my nervous system really calmed down and I felt more chill.This time around, however, the lockdown and restrictions feel more dark, more oppressive. There have been times when I have lost hope and I’ve cried thinking about the kind of future my children will grow up in. Sydney. and the rest of Australia, has been saturated with the darkest of emotions. First it was fear, and now anger.Fear is one of the worst emotions we can get caught in as it brings down our energetic frequency and this can put us at greater risk of falling ill and picking up other people’s negative emotions. Fear stops us from thinking calmly and objectively. Fear robs us of joy and hope.Now the predominate emotion is anger. People are angry at the government and all their imposed restrictions. People are angry because they feel forced to take something they don’t want to take. Those that have taken the ‘V’ are angry at those that haven’t. And so on. I feel as though we are a city, state and nation divided.During one week when I was feeling a lot of despair I saw a great meme which helped me repriortise my focus:
When we focus on the ‘outside world’, we forget about our ‘inside world’.When we focus on the ‘inside world’, we begin to heal; we then take that healing and spread it to the ‘outside world’.So I created a first aid emotional kit to help my ‘inside world’ which comprises of 4 central things/activities which I commit to doing everyday to help me stay at a higher emotional and energetic vibration/frequency (or to help lift me out of any funk I may have fallen into!):

1. Exercise: a little bit every day
2. Get outside: either sit outside in the garden or go to the park for a walk
3. Meditate: I aim for 20 minutes but if I only manage 5-10 mins that’s ok.
4. Last, but certainly not least, my flower essences.

What works for me might not work for you. But there’s always a flower essence that can help somebody!

Here are some flower essences which I believe are particularly important in these strange times (note, there were many that I feel are relevant but I’ve tried to narrow it down to some key ones).

Alpine Mint Bush: particularly good for those of us juggling homeschooling, work and other carer’s duties. It helps carers who are feeling over burdened and mentally and physically fatigued. It can help revitalise your energy and allow you to feel more joy.

Angelsword: good for those of us who are energetically sensitive and pick up other people’s energetic trash or bad vibes (and don’t forget fear!). It clears your aura and gives energetic protection. (Fringe Violet is great too and both together are a great combo).

Banksia Robur: if you are feeling disillusioned or disheartened, but you are normally quite energetic and positive, it can help you feel yourself again.

Crowea: this is a great essence if you are a worrier. If you’re the kind of person that worries a lot this essence has a strengthening, calming, and centering effect on the body and mind, brings about a sense of well-being.

Monga Waratah: if lockdowns or the state of the world have you drinking more alcohol, smoking more etc and you want to stop the evolving addiction, this essence strengthens your will and helps to lessen your dependence on those substances.

Slender Rice Flower: this essence I wish we could put in Sydney’s drinking water right now. It helps develop group harmony and conflict resolution when individual egos get in the way.

Southern Cross is good if you are feeling like a victim and as though you are being hard done by. It will help you harness your personal power.

Sunshine Wattle: if you think life is now a big struggle and you expect hard times ahead (e.g. v passports etc), this essence can help you perceive a brighter future (see things from a new perspective).

Sydney Rose: if you are feeling deserted by friends and family who don’t share the same views as you and it’s got you feeling morbid, this essence can help open your heart so you can sense unity with humanity at large.

Tall Yellow Top: feeling like the black sheep in the same or at work? or as if you’ve been abandoned? It will help bring back your sense of belonging.

Waratah; this is a very powerful essence and it is great if you are feeling complete hopelessness and utter despair. It will help to lift you up and restore your faith. Works quickly
Wherever you are in the world, and regardless of your personal circumstances, I encourage you to develop your own little first aid emotional/wellbeing kit.

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