From despair to hope

I’ve been a long-time fan of Australian Bush Flower Essences, but it has only been quite recently (12 months or so) that I have begun to use these essences both personally and professionally on a daily basis.

What I love about the essences is that they can bring about important emotional changes in the most subtle of ways.

Take for instance Julie*, who had been having regular coaching/counselling sessions.  The sessions were going along well and she was having good insights and making positive changes in her life.  But Julie was in denial about one aspect of her life which needed to change.  Then, during a session, Julie finally had a moment of clarity and she was able to admit to herself that she couldn’t continue persisting with this one thing which wasn’t brining her joy or happiness.  It was a pivotal moment.  The weight of the realisation hit Julie harder than what she was expecting.  After the session she fell into what could be described as a slump.  The wind had been blown out of her sails.  She felt she had lost her soul purpose in life.  She fell into a funk and found it hard to get out of.

I made up a bottle of Waratah Essence for Julie.  Waratah is one of the most powerful of the bush flower essences and is used for people who feel despair and hopeless, or for those who are going through the ‘black night of the soul’ type of spiritual crises.  Within 2-3 days Julie said she felt this wave of calm descend upon her and the despair lifted.  It was incredibly subtle and gentle but noticeable.  Julie was relieved and also amazed at the change.

What I love about Waratah is that it helps you realise you are never alone and even though things are bleak, it helps you find the faith and courage to keep going.

I’m pleased to say that Julie was able to come to peace with what needed to change in her life and she is currently exploring new options.

If you’d like to find out more about Australian Bush Flower Essences, you can read this summary on my website.

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*Name changed to protect client identity

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