Great expectations

How are you going with self-isolation?

Something I have really struggled with lately is the feeling of being let down by people who are close to me.  Quite simply, my expectations have not been met.

Being in lockdown means there are now very few life distractions and so when I am interacting with people, a lot of the stuff I didn’t like, that was previously hidden, is now more visible or obvious to me.

Lockdown with partners 24/7 can really highlight the flaws of the relationship.  I’ve had to face some uncomfortable truths about my own marriage, as well as my role as a mother.

And then there are the friendships.  A recent online catch up highlighted some personality traits and behaviours in friends I didn’t like and left me wondering why they were in my life. 

Perhaps it is my perimenopause, perhaps it is my trauma-self which is in ‘flight and fight’ mode, perhaps it is simply the madness I (we all!) feel being in isolation.  Whatever the reason, I find myself looking at everyone quite differently right now.  And, unfortunately, the bad is often overriding the good.

I can’t sustain this way of thinking.  It is affecting my mood, and I can easily slip into depressed moments.  I need to work through this and gain some clarity and perspective.  And I will do so with my mentor and also do the self-work that is needed to reflect on ‘my’ role in all this. (The things we often don’t like about others are the things we don’t like about ourselves).

If you are struggling with certain feelings and emotions during this self-isolation period, I would really love to help you.  I’ve had a lot of trauma in my life (which is why I’ve gravitated to the healing arts) and I believe it is this which helps me be a good healer.  It ‘takes one to know one’ so I can empathise with clients who are feeling emotional hurts and pain.  Being independent of your situation means I can help you get perspective on your situation, and I can recommend practical and easy activities or tools to support you.

All sessions are now online.  Online sessions are just as transformative as in-clinic sessions.  I now practice in a mix modality approach that combines counselling, coaching and kinesiology.

Wishing you all good health.  Stay safe.