How resolute are your resolutions?

As we approach the end of January 2015 I wonder how many New Year resolutions or commitments to change are still in effect. I’m guessing a number of people have already fallen off the wagon of change and by next month more than half will have given up.

Why do we feel as though we need to wait until the start of a New Year to implement changes into our life?  It’s a shame more people don’t strike while their iron is hot and make a resolution as soon as they know something needs to change, especially when it comes to their health.

stopI decided a few years ago to forget about New Year resolutions. If I was serious about making a change to either my diet, lifestyle or mental outlook, then any changes had to happen as soon as I knew what wasn’t working for me. Successful change has come about from my determination, willpower and commitment to feel better. A calendar date didn’t really count for much if these three things were not in place.

Sometimes our best intentions are not enough and we need the help of a neutral, qualified, practitioner to help us either learn or adapt a new lifestyle activity or to keep us motivated and committed to the changes we have made.

Kinesiology is a great modality for setting goals and working through the hurdles that stop you from reaching them. There can be an element of life coaching in a kinesiology session which can help you discover any self limiting beliefs or habits (often the reason behind those discarded February resolutions).

If you’re struggling to stay motivated or unable to keep to your resolutions, try out kinesiology.