I used a sledgehammer

I thought I would share with you my first experience with Australian Bush Flower Essences, an experience which was a less than ideal introduction to the essences!

I was in my late 20s and sharing a home with my brother. We’d purchased the property together, which made great financial sense at the time, and lived together for about 3 years. I then met my (now) husband and inevitably house living arrangements were no longer ideal.

After having a good, respectful relationship with my brother I became shocked at how angry (jealous?) he seemed to be about the changes and rather abruptly one day he announced he was moving out. Now, this was ok on the surface as we had been discussing that things were going to have to change. But my partner wasn’t ready to move in with me, didn’t like the idea of paying me rent (mortgage compensation) and didn’t like the area that I lived.

My brother (who seemed to turn into some evil troll overnight) said he would not be paying his half of the mortgage. I was caught between two very selfish, unthoughtful, unsupportive men.

Now Boab is one of the more powerful essences, and while I had a need for this essence on some level, it was not the right one for me to take in this situation. I went on to have what can only be described as a healing crises. I cried. I wailed. I sobbed like a baby! I was shocked at my response. I couldn’t really deal with the situation because I was so emotional.

Sensibly I decided to book in with my herbalist a couple of weeks later and she provided counselling and flower herbs to support me. The situation eventually did resolve itself with both the blokes coming to their senses (and manners!).

I learnt two very important lessons from this; 1) The essences bloody work and are powerful! 2) It isn’t ideal to pick your own essence when you dealing with an issue. Best to let someone else guide the selection process and better still receive emotional support from a therapist at the same time.

I have taken Boab since this episode, to help clear old family patterns, and I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous at first. I’m pleased to say I was energetically ready to receive it the second time around, and changes were subtle, rather than like a sledgehammer.



Image of artwork by Denise Walker.  Kimberley Boabs Away From It All

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