I’m working on myself

Do you ever feel as though you are constantly working on yourself? Are you always on the hunt for the next healing, intuitive guidance, self-help course, energetic essence or retreat to take?
I’ve been reflecting on how many of us are constantly on the search for the next remedy or healing. And while I do believe our self-development is a continual process and we are never ‘done’, I do wonder how healthy it is to be always in a mindset where you are never fully accepting yourself as you are.
How do we balance the need to keep developing but also love ourselves unconditionally in the here and now? I can’t, in all honesty, say I have the right answer for this but these are some of my thoughts;
  • I think it is healthy to take a ‘break’ from self-development. To just be. To enjoy life and the people in it as it is.
  • I encourage you to recognise when you have had massive leaps in your spiritual and emotional development and allow time and space for those changes to assimilate and integrate into your being.
  • I urge you to really discern whether that book, course, healer, retreat is right for you. Behind on the bells and whistles of those shiny social media promos or spiritual leaders, do you actually feel an inner pull towards it? Does it feel right for you? (Rather than does it sound amazing).
  • I recommend you keep up a daily practice of self-development which is nurturing, rather than transformative. Daily meditation or breathing practice and good quality sleep are two of the most underrated and yet powerful activities you can do for your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
The truth is that self-development, most of the time, is a slow and subtle process. Often the self-development activities we seek are aimed at turbo-charging change. Keep working on yourself, but not to the point you feel emotional or spiritual burnout.

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