It’s time to lift your water restrictions.

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me how important it was to drink water, or read a health column that stated the generic “you should drink 1-2 litres of water a day” I’d be a very rich lady.


And yet close to 95% of my clients fail to drink the required amount of water every day and take on a pained expression when I inform them their body is dehydrated and they need to drink more of it.


Is water really that important?  Absolutely.


In a PKP kinesiology session, testing a client’s level of hydration is one of the first few things that I check.  Aside from all the biochemical reasons why our body needs it (and which I won’t go into here), a dehydrated body is unable to hold/maintain any corrections made during a kinesiology session.


The type of dehydration I am normally dealing with is chronic dehydration.  Some of the symptoms of chronic dehydration* are fatigue, headaches, loss of brain function, inability to concentrate and tiredness. (Note, acute dehydration is quite a different condition and can quickly become a serious medical condition).


Often people don’t absorb the water they need because their body has become accustomed to functioning on a lower water tolerance.  It’s like the body puts in place a drought management program.  And just as rain after a drought results in flooding,  large, sudden intake of water after years of low water intake can see a person spending much of their day on the toilet.  Their body is not used to absorbing that much water.


People who aren’t absorbing their water should consider adding a “catalyst” to help their body’s cells start the reabsorbtion process.  Catalysts include apple juice, aloe vera, lemonade and lemon juice just to name a few.   I muscle test my clients to see which catalyst is needed and the ratio of the catalyst to water.  There often needs to be a discussion about water needs and a reminder that coffee, tea and coca cola, on their own, make the body lose water because they are diuretics.


In kinesiology, the metaphysical meaning of dehydration is “how are you not nurturing yourself or your thirst for knowledge?” Many clients are very good at putting the needs of others ahead of their own (think people who can’t say no and mothers!).
So, how much water do you drink? Are you nurturing yourself in all areas of your life?