Kinesiology by Skype or Zoom, how is it possible?

If you have had a kinesiology balance, it would be reasonable for you to doubt an appointment via video conference link was even possible. You would remember laying on a bed and spending most of the session having the practitioner constantly muscle testing you.  You can’t do that through a computer monitor.  Or can you?

A few years ago I doubted the effectiveness of ‘online’ kinesiology appointments and I was quite cynical of practitioners who offered sessions this way.  But the truth is, I was being judgemental without having experienced a session online.

“Never judge a man until you have walked in his shoes”

I decided to bite the bullet and test it out.  To my surprise, I found that it worked, and just as well as an in-clinic session.

But how do you connect with and work with your client? I hear you ask.  Well, everything is energy and we’re all connected energetically.  Thoughts, emotions, physical pain are all just energy frequencies vibrating at different levels.  I know this might be too woo-woo for some of you. But consider this, the famous psychologist Jung, in 1916, introduced to us the concept of one collective unconsciousness and how we are all connected.  And since then many people from both spiritual and quantum physics groups have written about our connection from an energetic perspective.  So with this in mind, I believe we are all connected, in some shape or form, on an energetic level.

I use a mixed modality therapy approach and a lot of what I do is emotional release therapy.  At the start of our session, I will connect energetically with you and starting ‘reading’ your energy so I can find and re-balance emotional and energetic blockages within your system.  Sometimes I use my muscles to surrogate for yours, other times I will use my intuition to guide me on what you need.  I get the same insights as I do in person, regardless of whether you are physically next to me or not.  We then do the corrections together (if possible) otherwise I do it on my body on your behalf.  A vital aspect of my sessions is providing you with lifestyle recommendations for you to implement post-session.

What are the benefits of an online session?  Glad you asked.

  • You are in the comfort of your own home.
  • You start the session more relaxed because you haven’t battled traffic and/or rushed to make your appointment on time.
  • You can remain relaxed post-session without having to jump back into the real world, you have time to reflect on what came up for you.

The demand for online sessions is currently skyrocketing.  Most practitioners are now running their sessions online.  It is no longer an unusual method for therapy and in our current climate it is vital we continue to look after ourselves and our health.

Step through new doors. The majority of the time there’s something fantastic on the other side.  Oprah Winfrey