Letting off steam

A common emotion I see in clinic is anger, specifically repressed anger.  It seems as though there are a lot of us experiencing feelings of annoyance, irritability, outrage, frustration, exasperation, resentment (all various forms and degrees of anger) and bottling them up inside.


Unexpressed anger can present itself to us in a number of ways.  In my personal experience some of the more common ways are;

  • Tight, clenched, sore or clicking jaws
  • Inflammed body parts (think, for example, of a red and hot joint)
  • Systemic inflammation (where the anger infiltrates the whole body to express itself) and clients are chronically, or continuously, unwell.
  • Addictions, using alcohol, cigarettes, drug to ‘calm down and relax’.


People are frightened of anger.  They are frightened of others being angry and they also fear being angry themselves.  But even more frightening, is when people don’t express it or let it out.  To me, it’s like a ticking time bomb which can go off at anytime, though usually at the worst and most inappropriate situations.


What I find particularly interesting is that often the client doesn’t even realise they are harbouring so much anger in their bodies.  But when revealed or discussed in context of their appointment, it’s like a light bulb moment for them.


Although I use techniques in clinic to help client’s diffuse anger from their body, I also set some sort of homework for the client to do post session.  Depending on what tests up, I might suggest going home and punching a pillow or that they take up boxercise for a couple of weeks.  One of my favourite recommendations is asking the client to write a letter to the person that has enraged them the most.  I ask them to let it all out, to use the filthiest language possible, to be vile, rude, and inappropriate.  I advise them to let that person know EXACTLY what they think of them.  Now before you start panicking, rest assured I do tell them they are not to send the letter to their person!  Once written, the letter should be destroyed, and I enourage clients to do it as a ritual (burning) but any form of (lawful) destruction is fine.


So if you are ready to take the lid off your own internal pressure cooker, kinesiology can help you diffuse these feelings in a gentle, well paced, controlled manner.

Like this:






Not like this:





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