Love is all

Love is allI’ve had a few clients come to me for kinesiology balances to help them cope with heartbreak and loneliness. During these sessions one common thing stands out, these people don’t love, or sometimes even like, themselves. They spend a lot of time and energy wondering why they aren’t liked or in relationships.

If you lack self-love, self-worth, self-liking, or whatever you want to call it, people can pick up on this. You are unknowingly broadcasting your negative self-talk. Your thoughts are energy, and energy follows thought. If you think I’m sounding too New Agey or kooky then think about this, have you ever met someone you just didn’t like but couldn’t really pin point why you didn’t like them? It’s something about their energy that just doesn’t sit right with you. Most likely they seemed ok but you didn’t really want to spend too much time with them. They didn’t resonate with you.

I’ve had clients go from one partner to another or just fail to really connect with anyone. I often ask them, if you don’t like yourself every day in every way, why would anyone else? When you feel bad about yourself you attract the people who reflect that back to you.

During kinesiology sessions we may find this lack of self-love starts with a seemingly minor thing like a school ground fight in the younger years, or from dysfunctional families. Sometimes it’s more major like a case of physical or verbal abuse.

Kinesiology is great for helping you see and appreciate your own self-worth. Each session gently shaves away at the armory in place, pushes aside the negatives and gets to the heart of the matter. It’s liberating and life changing.

Stop looking for love in all the wrong places and start looking for love in you.