Maternal impressions

We all know that mothers have an enormous impact on the upbringing and emotional development of their children, and most people know this to be true from when children are born. But did you realise that children start absorbing their mother’s emotional energy while they are in utero?  We know that what a mother eats and drinks while pregnant is important, but what about their emotions during the 9 months or so of gestation?

Maternal Emotional Energetic Imprint ™ is the emotional energy that every child receives from its mother, beginning at conception and continuing through gestation, until birth. This energy creates the emotional template that the child is born with. All the emotions of the mother are transferred to the foetus. Most mothers are unaware of this and don’t know that their emotional energy is being transferred to her child. (Jennifer Hoffman, 2013).¹   This creates an imprint on the child that can play out later in life.

Many women talk to their babies while pregnant, or play them music or simply send them loving thoughts.  This is helpful both to the baby and the mother.  But what about when a mum-to-be is going through a tough time?  Say an expectant mum has a highly stressful job. What is the impact of her state of mind and emotions, not to mention the stress hormone, cortisol, surging through her body, on her unborn baby?  Or, what about someone in a toxic relationship while pregnant?  Arguments, negative thinking, or god forbid, abuse would naturally take their toll on the mother.  Surely her baby would feel it too as she/he is very much a part of her?

“Everything the pregnant mother feels and thinks is communicated through neurohormones to her unborn child, just as surely as are alcohol and nicotine,” states Dr. Thomas Verny, a psychiatrist, writer and academic who founded the founded the Pre- and Perinatal Psychology Association of North America.

I see the maternal imprint  in many kinesiology clients and it is usually at the heart of their self-sabotaging behaviour.   When I look for the origin of these sabotaging behaviours, we find a very obvious connection to the emotions their mother experienced, while they were in utero.

Here’s are a couple of examples of the maternal energetic imprint uncovered during a kinesiology session:

Female, 42, suffering from anxiety and depressed mood.  There were a lot of issues going on in her life but we determined she had always been very anxious to some degree.  I found she had a sabotage program and when tested it showed that it originated when she was in her second trimester in utero (that is, she was 4 months old).  I asked whether anything had happened to her mother at this time and she was not aware of anything.  The sabotage to clear was “I do / do not wish to live”. We cleared this and in her follow up appointment she told me she had spoken with her mother who confirmed that when she was 4 months pregnant her life had been seriously threatened by a neighbour.  Since that first appointment my client confirmed her anxiety levels had decreased substantially and she was feeling better.

Female, 34, was trying to lose weight without much success, despite her doing an incredible amount of exercise and eating well.  She had a lot of fear about being overweight and we found that when her mother was pregnant with her she was very worried about getting fat and putting on weight through the pregnancy.

These are just two examples of many I see, and I have had personal experience with the maternal imprint too.  When I fell pregnant (unexpectedly) with my second child, I was not ready to be pregnant again or to have another baby.  I kept this to myself because I felt guilty for not being happy and grateful for this miracle.  Thankfully, I was having regular kinesiology sessions on myself and my kinesiologist picked up on my unborn baby’s distress.  He knew how I was feeling and to this day I am grateful that we cleared that for him before he was born and that I got the emotional support I needed.

I think it is good for people to know that the reason they ‘may’ feel certain emotions, which could seem extreme or unusual, might be because of some early life influence.  I realise this may put an enormous amount of ‘additional’ responsibility and pressure on expectant mothers to be mindful of how they feel and think. That is not my intention, though I do think it is important mother’s understand that their influence starts straight away, and not just once the child is born.

I want to be clear that this should not be seen as an opportunity to turn around and blame our mothers. As a mother myself, I know we all do the best we can for our children, with the resources and support we have.  But, we are human and so we are not perfect.

The good news is that these maternal energetic imprints can be cleared with kinesiology and kinesiology for expectant mothers is extremely beneficial in preparing mum and bub for their new lives together.
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  1. For more information on Jennifer Hoffman’s Maternal Emotional Energetic Imprint™  Program, which you can work through at your own pace, visit her website.