Navigating the rip

I’ve gone through many times of personal change and challenge and have always felt a huge relief when the worst of it was over.  I’ve worked with and supported clients while they have been going through their life challenges and I have seen how uncomfortable it was for them and heard them wish for it to end.  Now, we are all going through a global challenge that we were mostly unprepared for and we are not liking it, not one little bit.
A common theme I have found across all these scenarios is the desire for it to ‘be over’.  An impatience to get through it and get back to ‘normal’, whatever normal is.
I explored the emotion of impatience with my mentor recently, and she said, “Impatience is such a toxic emotion.  It is destructive because when we are impatient we are not acting in loving kindness to ourselves.  We think impatience drives us forward, don’t we? But it is not our driving force, it is not getting anything done, it is actually just being self-destructive.”
Enlightened gurus talk about the concept of surrendering and being in the moment vs worrying about living in a future that has not yet occurred.
When I was reflecting on all this  I got an image of a rip* at the beach.  When you get caught in a rip,  the advice is to relax and go with the flow of the water.  You are told to let the rip drag you out,  and once you reach the end of the rip you can then swim back to shore, first going parallel to the shoreline, before heading in.  If you’re too tired or struggling, you can then signal for a lifeguard to help you.
We are now within a ‘rip of life’.  We need to stop fighting against it and go with the flow (surrender).  Don’t try to swim against the tide pulling you out to sea (impatience), as this is will make you tired, more afraid and at greater risk of drowning (overwhelm, worry, lowered immunity)  Eventually we are all going to be spat out into calmer waters and we will learn to navigate ourselves back to our regular lives.   If you are in need of a “life” guard, I am available for online sessions.  I’m offering a discounted rate for online appointments. 
One thing is certain, we will come out of this experience as different people, different communities, different countries.
Take care, my friends.  I’ll see you all back on the beach where we can share the stories of our experience in the rip.

*For the non-Aussies reading this, a rip is a strong narrow current of fast-moving water which occurs at a beach near breaking waves.  A rip will move water away from the shore and people caught swimming in it get dragged out further into the ocean.