One step at a time

I was recently reflecting on my clients who are undergoing change as I stood in front of the mirror and pondered on my own changes.  The first thing I realised is that I have changed a lot, and that I have made many health and lifestyle adjustments and improvements.  The second thing I realised was that these changes had occurred over a long period of time.  Years in fact.  The changes required me to adjust the way I did things or the way I thought and behaved and it has been very gradual.

As I thought on this, it occurred to me that we often hear amazing, inspirational stories, usually through social media, of people who have made a radical life change with exceptional results.  For example, the person who lost phenomenal amounts of weight in a fast amount of time, or quit jobs and launched an immediately successful business,  or attended XYZ course and fell in love and and moved house or country etc.  But the truth is that these types of big, radical changes are not really the norm.  And while we may love hearing these incredible stories that leave us breathless with awe, admiration and some envy, the fact of the matter is, most of us will change and evolve over time, gradually.

I believe gradual change is the ideal.  Baby steps are better than enormous leaps.

Most of us don’t actually cope well with big changes.  Oh we like to think we do, but most of us won’t change unless the pain of staying as we are is greater than the pain of changing.  Or unless some big stressful life event acts like a massive catalyst that enforces changes, for example, divorce, death, terminal illness.

Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

When you have a kinesiology balance with me, I will always recommend health and lifestyle changes based on what comes up in our session together.  You will notice that there will not be too many as I am conscious of not overwhelming you.  Because…baby steps.   And while I appreciate that you, as the client, want to get better/ happier asap, the truth is that you will need to make changes in some areas of your life and it may not be easy.  These changes are necessary because if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you just end up with the same result. Change takes time, and new habits take a lot of practice before they become routine. So that’s why smaller changes are easier to commit to than larger ones.

While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary. Matt Bevin

So if you are not happy with your health, and are ready for a change, good on you for realising this.  Find yourself a good support person (kinesiologist, life coach, naturopath, nutritionist etc) and then, most importantly, embrace and celebrate the small changes that begin to take place.  And if you catch yourself feeling impatient with how long the results of your changes are taking, remember, you are laying the foundation for permanent change which is much better than spectacular but short-lasting, rapid change.