You deserve to be happy

But the first step to happiness has to start with you.

From Survive to Thrive

The four step program is designed to help you feel more at ease with yourself so that you can feel more happiness and joy in your life. Most of us are in survival mode and coping as best we can from day to day. Imagine if rather than just making do from day to day, you began to feel as though your life was becoming easier and you were feeling better about yourself and more optimistic about the life you are creating.

Session 1: Understanding the struggle (75 mins)

We spend time talking about your issues and what is bothering you.  I will assess your energy to get an overview of how your chi, or life force, is flowing.  We’ll set an intention (goal) for the program.  A customised flower energy essence will be mailed to you at the end of the session.

Session 2 Heal the wounded child (60 mins)

We start this session talking about what observations or realisations you’ve had since the first session.  The focus of this session is to explore the wounded child within you, so you can heal any trauma from childhood.  By the end you’ll feel as though you’ve released ‘baggage’ and feel lighter and calmer.  A customised flower energy essence will be mailed to you at the end of the session.

Session 3: Clear the cache (60 mins)

The focus of this session is to figure out what limiting beliefs are holding you back.  When you start to understand the unconscious scripts that run through your mind, you can take action to stop them.   This information can have a real ‘wow’ affect because it helps you start to change how to react to stresses.  We’ll do some exercises to get good chi flow through your body.  A customised flower energy essence will be mailed to you at the end of the session.

Session 4: Feel the ease (60 mins)

Our final session of the program allows you to think about the changes you’ve made from the start of the program, and we take the time to appreciate all your efforts and commitment.  We’ll do some chi flow practices to help you feel more energetically balanced.  We finish with a ‘future pacing’ technique to help you stay on track moving forward.  A customised flower energy essence will be mailed to you at the end of the session.


*This fee is for Australian clients.  Due to increased postage costs, any clients based outside of Australia will need to pay $519.

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Program Features

personalised essence

At each stage of the program you will receive your personalised bottle of Australian Bush Flower Essence for support between sessions.

easy online payment

Payment for the program is made before the first session and online for security and ease.

email support

You have unlimited email support between appointments.

online consultations

Each session is held online which means you save travel time and money. Online sessions let you to relax at home during and after each session.

Frequently asked questions

A program such as this one is a commitment to change.  While single therapy sessions are helpful, they don’t allow enough time to really get to the heart of what is bothering most people.  If you are after a fast fix, this is not the program for you and I’m not the right healer for you.

The ‘From survive to Thrive’ program costs $499 for Australian based clients.  If you are based outside of Australia the full program fee is $519.  The reason for the higher rate is due to increased postage costs incurred in sending four individual bottles of essences throughout the program.  

Absolutely!  I understand that if you have not worked with me before that you might feel nervous about committing to a program upfront.  Purchasing a single appointment will let you work out if you want to work with me over a longer period of time.

I work with the Australian Bush Flower Essence range.  These flower essences help to create emotional health and wellbeing and also sort out negative beliefs.  The essences are a vibrational healing solution.  They are made by soaking the flowering part of a plant in water, placed in the sun for a certain length of time.  The water then takes on the healing vibration of the flower.  The water is then combined with a small amount of brandy to preserve it.  

I have found these essences to be very powerful and when taken in conjunction with therapy, they work as gentle catalysts to help clients work through their emotional pain more quickly.

At this point in time all appointments will be online.  This can be either by Zoom, Skype, Facetime or Messenger.