Reflections, perceptions and change

Every now and then I go through periods of big personal growth and the best way for me to process this is to go within, become a little bit of a recluse, and have a lot of quiet reflection time.


So like the caterpillar emerging from the cocoon I’m stepping out of my self imposed media exile and ready to be visible again*.


Going through this type of process reaffirms for me the importance of being supported as you go through one of ‘those’ stages in your life. When you question everything about your life, and why you do what you do.


I’m blessed to have the support of an amazing mentor who has helped me perceive my actions and decisions from a fresh perspective. Because you see up until now my beliefs and perceptions were clouding my ability to see how I could move gracefully forward in life, and my life felt as though it was stagnating.


And in this process I was able to appreciate what it is that I offer my clients. Firstly, (and most importantly), I offer my clients the opportunity to be heard in a safe space, fully supported, and without judgement.   In this environment I listen to understand rather than to respond. This in itself can be incredibly healing for some people.


Once they have had the opportunity to share their story in full, my clients are able to see their issues and problems in a new way and this lends itself to finding different solutions or alternative courses of action. These may have been there all along, but until the glasses of misperception are lifted, you aren’t ready to consider them.


If you are feeling stuck, sad, stressed or a little lost, kinesiology can help you through this phase (and it truly is a phase ‘this to shall pass’). I am available to be your mentor and coach or simply as someone to listen. I am in clinic Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at my beautiful home clinic. I also offer Skype session.


With love



* I am still not ready to full embrace Instagram. I’m finding Insta very “egoic” at the moment. My sixth sense can pick up on so much inauthenticity and BS that I’m finding it quite disturbing.  Having said that I do love the true creative types and a few folk I would go so far as to call friends (even though I’ve never met them!) so I’m sure I’ll be back on it in full soon.

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