Kinesiology by Skype or Zoom, how is it possible?

If you have had a kinesiology balance, it would be reasonable for you to doubt an appointment via video conference link was even possible. You would remember laying on a bed and spending most of the session having the practitioner constantly muscle testing you.  You can’t do that through a computer monitor.  Or can you? …

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The energy of winter

For those of us based in the Southern Hemisphere we are about half way through winter.   In kinesiology a lot of our work is based on the theory of the Five Elements.  The Five Element theory is deeply embedded in Chinese culture and is the foundation of many things such as feng shui, acupuncture, and …

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The quiet voice of intuition

What is intuition?  Do you believe in it?  Do you use your intuition in your daily life?   Intuition has become a bit of a buzz word.  But to be honest I think it has just replaced the more common saying ‘gut feeling’.   Intuition, gut feeling, hunch, insight, knowing, clairsentience,  these are all one …

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