Taking time out

At a time when most wellness practitioners are posting non-stop to social media and making themselve as visible as possible, I have chosen to do the opposite.


I have been quiet on the newsletter front, and have eased off on advertising and social media over the past couple of months.  I suppose business and marketing experts would say this isn’t smart business practice.


These days it seems as though everyone is trying to be so visible, both in their professional and personal lives, but I have chosen to do the opposite.  I have withdrawn a little while I turn within.


You see as someone who helps other people through their challenging health and wellbeing issues, it is vitally important that I take care of myself.  And by taking care of myself I mean going beyond the usual eat well, exercise, get a good night’s sleep recommendations.  It includes taking a break from posting so regularly on social media and constantly thinking about what more I can do with my kinesiology business.  It also means making a commitment to meditate daily, avoiding people who bring my energy down, getting out in nature and lots and lots of journaling.


It is really important I conserve and/or top up my energy so that my ‘chi battery’ is charged 100% for my clients.  If I don’t step back, from time to time, it’s like I’m only charging myself up to 75%.

It is also important that I walk my talk.  I’m often making recommendations to my clients to take it easy, to slow down, so  I need to be prepared to follow this advice myself.


Being a wellness practitioner also means that I need to work on myself, to clear my own issues. By that I mean that I need to occasionally reflect on my thoughts, actions, and emotions and dive deep into the icky stuff so that it can be cleared.  I’m learning to recognise my shadows and how they play out in my personal and professional life.


Kinesiology is a modality that can dredge up some unpleasant emotions, memories and thoughts.  If I don’t clear out my own issues, I can be triggered by things that come up for my clients.  When I am balanced, I can be fully present during client sessions and hold space for them.


My business tag line is ‘Your catalyst for change’ and that’s exactly how it should be, me beside you and helping you fasttrack important changes and improvements in your life.

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