The energy of winter

For those of us based in the Southern Hemisphere we are about half way through winter.   In kinesiology a lot of our work is based on the theory of the Five Elements.  The Five Element theory is deeply embedded in Chinese culture and is the foundation of many things such as feng shui, acupuncture, and martial arts.   To summarise it briefly, everything is divided into five master groups; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  Into these master groups are categories such as seasons, stage of growth, body organs, emotions, taste, colour and sound.


Winter is part of the water element.  It is as a time of rest and hibernation – where nature (and people) retreat and build up reserves.  It is traditionally a quieter time, where we should be more reflective, take things easy, sleep and rest.


I don’t think many of us really honour the energy of winter.  I have needed more sleep than I normally do over the last few weeks. At first I beat myself up about spending more time in bed.  It then dawned on me that it is absolutely fine to sleep if my body needs more sleep.  If I feel like ‘hibernating’ in my bed, that’s ok, it’s winter after all!  If you’re feeling more tired than usual, or feel a pull to stay in bed longer, that’s your natural instinct to honour the energy of winter.


The element of water includes the organs of kidney and bladder, which rule water metabolism and maintain homeostasis.  Isn’t it interesting that during the season where your thirst seems to be at its lowest, it’s the time when you need to keep up your water intake?  This is a gentle reminder that, during winter, it is very easy to not drink enough water, but it is critical for good health.  Without enough water you can dehydrate your brain and it becomes harder for you to concentrate, and you can feel drowsy and ‘foggy’. Not to mention every cell of your body needs water to function optimally.


Winter is a time for reflection.  As someone who reflects on things far too much (ha!) this is easy for me.  But if you haven’t taken the time to take stock of how you feel, where you are at in life and what you want from the future, a few kinesiology sessions during these cooler months would be ideal.


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