The quiet voice of intuition

What is intuition?  Do you believe in it?  Do you use your intuition in your daily life?


Intuition has become a bit of a buzz word.  But to be honest I think it has just replaced the more common saying ‘gut feeling’.


Intuition, gut feeling, hunch, insight, knowing, clairsentience,  these are all one in the same,   and they are gaining popularity and acceptance.  This is a relief to me because I have always really valued the role intuition has played in my life and my work.  If I’m being really honest I’ve probably stayed ‘in the closet’ a little about my intuitive abilities as well as how much I crave to strengthen them.


Carolyn Myss, one of the great modern mystics of our time, says intuition “is perception without time”.  That it’s “your capacity to sense, receive, respond to truth at the speed of light” or “your capacity to receive information, that is accurate, that is truth”.


Accuracy and truth, at the speed of light – I love this interpretation of intuition!    In an age where we are so busy and always in our minds and thinking, it’s kind of wondrous to have the ability bypass our conscious mind and pick up on truth instantly.


Our minds are constantly shouting at us with information, so it can be hard to hear that calm, quiet voice that gives good advice or ‘truth’.  Wouldn’t you rather hear the calm voice of truth than the constant nattering of your mind, which is regurgitating past events and discussions, or catastrosphising something that’s unlikely to happen in the future?


If you value intuition and would like to strengthen your own (yes, you are intuitive!), here are 5 things that I’ve personally found have helped to increase my intuition:

  1. Regular meditation. This was a key practice that help me tune in better to my quiet, calm voice.I am particularly found of chakra meditations by Belinda Davidson.
  2. Kinesiology. Getting some balances around this will definitely help you learn what you need to do to strengthen your own quiet voice of truth.It can help you understand why you might have resistance to listening to your intuition.
  3. Minimise chemicals in the body. Once I started making my own body care products and minimising how many chemical products I used, I found I became more intuitive.Strange, but true!
  4. Tarot. When you practice playing with tarot cards it helps you tap into your intuition. I found this a really helpful way to ‘safely’ test out my intuition with others (I used to give a lot of free readings – just for practice and fun).
  5. Nature. Get out in nature.I guess it’s another form of quieting the mind.


With quietness we gain clarity.



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