Walk the talk

These past few months have been very hectic for me and as a result my regular meditation and exercise practice fell over.  To make matters worse I did not book myself in for a long overdue kinesiology balance.

Even knowing what I do, the wheels still came off. And as a result, travelling through my day to day life felt bumpier and more stressful than normal.  Anxiety was up, temper was short and my body felt as though it was literally falling apart.  Each week I kept thinking to myself, “I need to book in a kinesiology session”, but didn’t.

I was feeling quite hypocritical.   On the one hand I was advising clients to make a commitment to everyday health practices and have regular kinesiology sessions, but on the other, I wasn’t actually doing it myself.
Eventually I did get back into daily meditation and exercise, but I still didn’t feel as though I’d properly dealt with my stressors.  The point in me telling you this is…well there are a few points;

  • Even therapists can ‘fall off the wagon’
  • Daily health practices are excellent, but sometimes you do need to go see a professional for advice and/or help.  They can also help you stay focused and committed to your goals.  When I have regular kinesiology/mentoring sessions it makes me feel more accountable for my actions which I really like.
  • When you recognise you need support, act on it, don’t let it drag out, as it can make matters worse.

I got that kinesiology session booked in and had that long overdue appointment.   I’ve now committed myself to having regular, six weekly sessions in 2019.

Would you like to match my commitment? I’m offering 6 sessions of 75 minutes each, running every six weeks, for the amazing price of $600*. That’s a massive saving of $150. I’m only offering a limited number of these so if you know you are ready to commit to a beautiful self care program in 2019, contact me soon.

*T&C:  The full amount is required upfront.  Sessions will not commence until full payment has been received. Only one package per person.  Must be used by August 2019.  Valid for inclinic and Skype sessions.  Offer is not transferable once purchased or within the 6 month period.  No refunds.