Why you need kinesiology

Kinesiology can help you in many areas of your life. I use muscle-monitoring techniques to access the subconscious mind and gain  information about your current issues and what is needed to help your body, mind and spirit to restore balance.


By working with the subconscious mind I can help you unlock and resolve past experiences and events, and help your body to let go of stress and anxiety.


Kinesiology does not diagnose or treat conditions.  The main benefit of kinesiology for most people is reduced stress. Stress creates many negative effects in the body. However, kinesiology also indirectly seemed to have helped people with muscular aches and pains, allergies, anxiety, learning difficulties and poor mental clarity.


Many people turn to kinesiology when they find that talking about their problems or concerns is no longer enough. While there is no denying that talking about your ‘stuff’ is helpful, particularly if it is with a qualified therapist or counsellor, what sets kinesiology apart is that it can help you uncover, heal or shift the cause of the problem. And that’s when your life can really begin to shift and change for the better.

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